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The Alzheimer’s Association is proud to announce a nationwide partnership with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority to help raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and increase education, care and support resources in the African-American community. This partnership will engage both campus and alumni members of AKA through local community outreach efforts and participation in “The Longest Day,” a signature Alzheimer’s Association event.

“African-Americans are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s and other dementias. However, they are less likely to be diagnosed, or diagnosed at a much later stage. This partnership will help the association better connect African-Americans with important Alzheimer’s information and support,” said AKA International President Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson.

AKA, the nation’s oldest African-American sorority, is a trusted source of information within the African-American community. Members of AKA will work with the Alzheimer’s Association in communities nationwide to better engage the African-American community in the full mission of the association.

“This new partnership between the Alzheimer’s Association and AKA will directly address the need to better reach, educate and engage the African-American community in Alzheimer’s education, care, support, research and advocacy,” said Beth Kallmyer, MSW, vice president of constituent services for the Alzheimer’s Association.

AKA and the Alzheimer’s Association will work together in a variety of ways, including

• Connecting the Alzheimer’s Association with community partners, businesses, contacts and churches to open the doors for Alzheimer’s education, care and support.

• Volunteering for Alzheimer’s Association events, activities and planning committees.

• Becoming a trained Alzheimer’s community educator or support group leader.

• Becoming an Alzheimer’s Association advocate.

The Alzheimer’s Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support and research. Our mission is to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research, to provide and enhance care and support for all affected and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. Our vision is a world without Alzheimer’s. For more information, visit

AKA is an international service organization that was founded on the campus of Howard University in Washington, D.C., in 1908. It is the oldest Greek-letter organization established by African-American college-educated women. AKA comprises of more than 283,000 members in 988 graduate and undergraduate chapters in the United States, Liberia, the Bahamas, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Germany, South Korea, Bermuda, Japan, Canada and South Africa. Led by Wilson, AKA is often hailed as “America’s premier Greek-letter organization for African-American women.” For more information on AKA and its programs, log onto

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Local News

Boise city pools will open June 2

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He added: “I am learning a lot from these observations. Still, I believe parts of California will break off and fall into the sea in the near future. 

“One of the main reasons is the fact that 42,000 oil wells continue to pump out oil and inject water back in. So they are definitely asking for trouble over there.”

Mr Hoogerbeets also suggested on his Ditrainam Media Facebook page the mega-quake may still come TODAY or soon after, but David Harbaugh replied venting his anger at this.

He wrote: “I thought it was when the planets align on the 28th. Now I see you say could be the 29th or later. I could guess any random date and if I got lucky like you, then everyone would think I predicted a major earthquake too. Just admit it their is no true way to pinpoint the exact time of an earthquake. You said 4pm on the 28th. Any other date would just be by chance.”

Andrea Marie Bennett had earlier joked yesterday: “It’s 4:04 here in California and I’m still alive. No earthquake.” 

And Mitch Robertson stormed: “Your prediction was false. What have you learnt from this? Here’s a thought: “strange feelings and intuitions” need more meat behind them.”

Supporters also added posts, with Julie Chin saying: “Still part of the Pacific Rim!! You called it pretty good!” and Dusty ChantelReamey: “He was close. No?”

Carol Moffitt said: “I still feel something big is coming soon. Not out of the woods yet. The entire earth is active! Frank, thank you for having the courage to put this out there.”

Christina Nordmark added: “It’s not a matter of if it’s going to hit but when it will hit! It’s inevitable and we all know it will eventually! I live in Cali and can’t get earthquake insurance.”

What is known is that scientists agree there will be a magnitude 8 major earthquake in the state of California within the next 30 years, giving Hoogerbeets some room for manoeuvre.

Ahead of his deadline passing, several scientists went online to ally fears, pointing out the position of the planets in our solar system could not trigger earthquakes and that it was impossible for such as sized quake coming from true San Andreas fault.

Many other online posters also branded his video a hoax, designed to promote the blockbuster movie San Andreas, about a devastating earthquake rocking the region, which opens in cinemas today.

The video made by his YouTube channel Ditrianum Media, claimed to have warned of the Nepal 7.8 earthquake five days before it struck.

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Las Vegas, Nevada – The desert sun descends below the horizon and the first signs of nightlife begin to emerge, filling you with excitement from head to toe as you head out to the best nightclub on the strip at the world renowned Caesar’s Palace: OMNIA.

This week, and all throughout the summer for a total of 14 consecutive weeks, OMNIA is hosting a new event series entitled “Imagine.” Featuring interactive performances and a wide palette of party themes, the main club will close out each week with a spectacular evolution into an outdoor fantasy land or elegant masquerade.

Hosted by OMNIA’s resident DJs, starting with Chuckie, and including the likes of Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buuren, Oliver Heldens more, it quickly becomes evident that OMNIA Nightclub is shooting for the stars with “Imagine.”

Your EDM was able to interview Andrea Frey, Director Of Creative Production at Hakkasan Group, and ask her more about what we can expect with the new “Imagine” series:

What is your title and how long have you been involved in the nightlife industry?

My title is Director Of Creative Production at Hakkasan Group and I have been in involved in the nightlife industry for over 15 years. Started out in clubs in Amsterdam, became an event manager/production manager for big dance music event promoters, moved onto international events where I advanced big dance festivals around the world. And now I am back working in clubs, but on the highest level possible when it comes to production.

How will Imagine at Omnia be different from a typical night at the club?

IMAGINE will be different than any night at any club night in Omnia (and in Vegas!) because we are creating an immersive experience where we go a little further than just adding decor. It’s a concept that starts the minute you arrive at the club and are waiting to get in. IMAGINE is a combination of visuals, decor, performers and show moments. Even our staff participates and we encourage our patrons to do the same.

What effect do you feel the production for Imagine will have on guests when they arrive at OMNIA?

The effect that IMAGINE’s production will have on our guests is a feeling that they are a part of something new and unique. People will feel like they are missing out if they haven’t attended our Sunday parties.

 “Imagine” kicks off Sunday May 31st, and trust us, you don’t want to miss this.

You can grab your tickets here


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Jazz Bites ….Sometimes !

On: 24/05/2015At: Kookstudio: Oude Haagse weg 75, 1066 DC Amsterdam., Amsterdam

Mik le Chef invites you to an amazing brunch and love jazz music event.
11 am- 2 pm: (bubble) brunch, only on inscription

From 2pm…
Read More…

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The fourth Karate1 Premier League event of the season takes place this weekend in South America for the first time ©WKF

A fourth World Karate Federation (WKF) Karate1 Premier League event of the season gets underway tomorrow in Sao Paulo, which will be the first competition of its kind to be held in South America.

Around 400 athletes from 26 countries are due to compete at the tournament, scheduled to take place from May 30 to 31.

The field includes a list of stellar names including home favourite Douglas Brose, world champion in the men’s kumite under 60 kilograms category, and World Junior kumite male under 61kg champion Breno Teixeira.

Other stars to make the journey to Sao Paulo are 2011 Pan American Games gold medallist Ana Josefa Villanueva of the Dominican Republic, who also won bronze at the 2012 World Championships in Paris in the under 50kg kumite division, and American Brian Ramrup.

European kata female Champion Sanchez Jaime Sandra of Spain will also be present at the intense two-day competition.

Many karatekas are set to use the fourth WKF Karate1 Premier League spectacle in their preparations for the eagerly-anticipated Pan American Games, which run from July 10 to 26, with karate competitions scheduled for July 23 to 25.

Brazilian world champion Douglas Brose is one of the most stellar names due to compete in Sao Paulo
Brazilian world champion Douglas Brose is one of the most stellar names due to compete in Sao Paulo ©Getty Images

The Karate1 Premier League series is making its debut this season with eight events scheduled throughout the year.

It represents the first competition which sees the sport’s governing body award prize money to the winners.

The debut event took place in the French capital of Paris before the series moved to Almere, The Netherlands.

The last Premier League competition was held in the Egyptian capital of Cairo and after Sao Paulo plays host for the first time, Istanbul will welcome the world’s top karatekas on September 5 and 6.

Coburg, Germany plays host to the sixth competition before it switches to Salzburg, Austria, concluding in Okinawa, Japan on November 28 and 29.

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First-time hosts Egypt dominate Karate1 Premier League event
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January 2015: World’s best gear up for season opening Karate 1 Premier League Paris

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The British people will get another chance to decide on their European future by the end of 2017 — marking one more milestone in a long-troubled relationship.

The planned referendum on Britain’s membership in the 28-country European Union following a renegotiation of some of the terms of the country’s membership is a key element of the new Conservative government’s program.

Prime Minister David Cameron was Friday on the second day of a whistle-stop tour of European capitals, trying to convince leaders to offer concessions, including limits to welfare benefits EU migrants can claim.

Europe’s been a source of contention for decades in Britain. The British may love Alpine skiing, the horrors of Scandi-noir drama and the late-night hotspots on the Spanish island of Ibiza, but they have often been ambivalent over being part of a political and economic union with Europe.

Many reasons have been cited for the complex relationship.

Maybe it’s to do with Britain’s “special relationship” with the United States. Maybe it’s just to do with the fact that the British are an island people, wary of the entanglements and shifting alliances that have played out on the European continent since the Norman conquest of 1066, through the Spanish Armada, the Napoleonic Wars and two world wars.

Ironically, it was former British leader Winston Churchill who called for “a kind of United States of Europe” in the grim aftermath of World War II.

But when the fledgling European Coal and Steel Community launched in 1951, Britain was nowhere to be seen. It also opted against joining the six founding nations of what was then the European Economic Community in 1957.

Britain has seemed a land apart, even after it joined in 1973.

Here are some memorable events in Britain’s relationship with Europe.

De Gaulle Says Non — Twice

Though Britain was absent at the EEC’s formation, it soon changed its mind. Its ambitions, though, were twice rejected by a former ally — the French president, General Charles de Gaulle.

“Non,” he said in 1963, and again in 1967.

De Gaulle, who spent much of World War II in London when France was under occupation, warned his five EEC partners — Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy and West Germany — that Britain had a “deep-seated hostility” to European integration that could bring about the end of what was then commonly referred to as the “common market.” He also worried that in crunch times, Britain would always side with the United States over its continental neighbors.

1975 Referendum: The People say Yes

Edward Heath, who became Conservative prime minister in 1970, made membership of the EEC a key objective. De Gaulle’s successor, Georges Pompidou, was far more amenable to British membership and by 1973 Britain finally joined. However, with the opposition Labour Party increasingly conflicted over Europe, accession would not be smooth.

Labour’s leader, Harold Wilson, thought a referendum following a renegotiation would overcome the cracks in his party. That referendum in June 1975, Britain’s first-ever national plebiscite, was held after Labour’s return to power. A majority of 67 percent said “yes” to the question: Do you think that the United Kingdom should remain part of the European Community?

Though membership was secured, the divides within Labour didn’t go away, with many leading Cabinet ministers viewing the EEC as incompatible with the aims of socialism. That fissure, among others, would weaken Labour and pave the way for the election in 1979 of Margaret Thatcher’s Conservatives.


Thatcher’s Party Splits over Europe

Thatcher was a keen backer of the ‘yes’ campaign, even venturing to wear a sweater with the flags of the member countries sewed in. However, her 11 years in Downing Street were marked by growing opposition to Europe.

Though her government backed the creation of the single European market in the mid-1980s, she became increasingly hostile to the move to further integrate European countries.

The appointment of French socialist Jacques Delors to head the executive European Commission, added fuel to her fire. Thatcher and a growing part of the Conservative Party were aghast at Delors’ ambition for a single currency.

In a 1988 speech, Thatcher rejected the prospect of a “European super-state exercising a new dominance from Brussels.” Not everyone in her party was that hostile, and Thatcher’s growing antipathy to Europe prompted the 1990 resignation of her foreign secretary and led to a leadership battle. Thatcher’s time was up.

Her successor, John Major, sought to mend fences with Europe, even while keeping Britain out of the single currency — Game, Set and Match, he claimed. His government would soon after descend into conflict over Europe.

Blair on a Bike

When Tony Blair won in a landslide in 1997, he made Labour a decidedly pro-European party. Britain, he said, would be at the “heart of Europe.” He even indicated a willingness to join the euro, which launched in 1999. The image of the young premier on a bike in Amsterdam a few weeks after his election triumph with other European leaders symbolized the new approach.

Blair built bridges initially, but his decision to back the U.S.-led war in Iraq in 2003 put him at odds with French President Jacques Chirac and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. Plans to join the euro stalled and Blair’s European enthusiasm hit a roadblock.


Referendum Redux

With Blair’s departure in 2007, pro-Europeans lost a key voice. His successor, Gordon Brown, was more lukewarm while the opposition Conservatives morphed into a primarily Euroskeptic party. In 2011, Prime Minister David Cameron vetoed an EU treaty designed to help stabilize the euro, which was struggling following a debt crisis.

And with the U.K. Independence Party making headway with its demand for a fresh vote on Britain’s membership, and its assertion that Britain had ceded too much sovereignty to Brussels, Cameron felt compelled to promise a referendum to bind his party together.

The Conservatives’ recent surprise victory has put that referendum in motion. That vote will take place by the end of 2017.

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