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Celebrating Earth Day in Flushing, N.Y., the Queens Museum held a series of events that included the Mamas Expo, which featured vendors throughout the Queens Museum specializing in products and services geared toward parents and children, and many women-owned businesses were represented. One of the main attractions was the Cupcake City Socialite, a mobile beauty boutique and children’s spa. The youngsters, some even toddlers, were thrilled to have their nails painted and get their makeup done.

The Mamas Expo is a family event that celebrates parenting culture in New York City and beyond. The museum’s goal is to highlight resources for local parents and children ages 1 and older. The expo provided parents in the area with more information and family fun activities, from finding new local classes and schools to the best innovative products and retail stores. Expo goers received an exclusive look at all new available resources that keep them informed as parents.

Krystole Mack, founder and owner of Cupcake City Socialite, has always had a passion for everything innovative and imaginative. Born in the Bronx, she spent her childhood sketching fashion designs, styling her dolls and engaging in arts and crafts. She attended the University of the District of Columbia, majoring in Fashion Merchandising. She later opened Nmieko’s Closet, an online children’s boutique that focused on “Funky Fun Fashion.” Mack has sold one-of-a-kind trendsetting pieces all over the U.S.

At Cupcake City Socialite, there were beauty services for every child in attendance. This boutique spa is also a great way to teach kids how to care for themselves and how to have fun while creating a beautiful image. The activities also instill confidence. Working in the children’s apparel market, Mack wanted to develop a brand that allowed her to interact with her favorite clientele, youngsters. In January 2017, she created Cupcake City Socialite, a mobile boutique children’s spa. It’s a hit. Kids love it. Currently, she is servicing Washington, D.C., and she plans to hold larger parties in the New York City area. Mack is laying the groundwork to expand the brand to different regions of the East Coast and eventually venture out west.

Cupcake City Socialite is already a favorite of “Mommy Me” groups in Riverdale, N.Y., and in Montgomery and Fairfax counties in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. Mack is looking forward to having Cupcake City Socialite listed as one of the top 10 things to do with kids in the city very soon.

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And Lena Willikens will be taking over the decks for their first event

The online radio station and music platform, based in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, is opening a new venue and shop next to their current headquarters. The new space will be situated on Oudekerksplein 30.

The store will sell the station’s own merch – complete with tote bags, shirts, caps and more – and it’ll also host listening sessions and events.

The first store event is set to happen on 5 May and Lena Willikens will be taking over the decks, alongside Vladimir Ivkovic, Rege Santanas and Red Light Radio co-founder Orpheus The Wizard.

Read up on Crack’s feature with Lena Willikens.

(via Resident Advisor)

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The Amsterdam boys won 82.5-57.5, while the girls posted an 88-49 victory.

In the boys meet, Kevin Boucaud won four events for Amsterdam, claiming victories in the 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters and long jump.

Marcos Santiago won the 110-meter hurdles for the Rams.

Amsterdam also won the 400, 1,600 and 3,200 relays.

Brandon Mraz (1,600, 3,200) and Nick Frasier (high jump, triple jump) each won two events for Johnstown.

Christian Solby (800), Erik Frank (400 hurdles), Sebastian Mills (pole vault), Brady VanAernam (shot put) and Thomas Lizio (discus) also won events for the Sir Bills.

In the girls meet, Amsterdam won 13 of 17 events on its way to the victory.

Olivia Lazarou (1,500, 3,000), Gabby Stanavich (100 hurdles, 400 hurdles), Haley Madej (shot put, discus) and Lauren Santiago (200, 400) all won two events for Amsterdam.

Brenda Santana (100) and Edena Sanchez (800) also claimed wins for the Lady Rams.

Amsterdam also won the 400, 1,600 and 3,200 relays.

Briana Dean (high jump, long jump) won two events for Johnstown, while Alayna Gray (pole vault) and Molly Sear (triple jump) also posted victories.


Amsterdam 82.5, Johnstown 57.5

100: Boucaud (A), 11.40

200: Boucaud (A), 23.70

400: Boucaud (A), 55.50

800: Solby (J), 2:16.80

1,600: Mraz (J), 5:02.00

3,200: Mraz (J), 11:13.70

110 Hurdles: Santiago (A), 16.20

400 Hurdles: Frank (J), 1:03.30

400 Relay: Amsterdam (Rodriguez, Sanchez, Santiago, Forsey), 47.20

1,600 Relay: Amsterdam (Santiago, Ramirez, Kamanu, Gomez), 3:53.80

3,200 Relay: Amsterdam (DiManno, Gomez, Kamanu, Ramirez), 9:05.20

High Jump: Frasier (J), 5-6

Pole Vault: Mills (J), 9-0

Long Jump: Boucaud (A), 21-7 1/2

Triple Jump: Frasier (J), 38-1 1/4

Shot Put: VanAernam (J), 35-10 3/4

Discus: Lizio (J), 111-10 3/4


Amsterdam 88, Johnstown 49

100: Santana (A), 13.10

200: Santiago (A), 27.10

400: Santiago (A), 1:02.70

800: Sanchez (A), 2:35.00

1,500: Lazarou (A), 5:20.00

3,000: Lazarou (A), 11:39.30

100 Hurdles: Stanavich (A), 15.20

400 Hurdles: Stanavich (A), 1:10.00

400 Relay: Amsterdam (Beekman, Santana, Stanavich, Sanchez), 53.60

1,600 Relay: Amsterdam (Santana, Gomez, Sanchez, Santiago), 4:19.50

3,200 Relay: Amsterdam (Grybos, Sondrup, Marshall, Lazarou), 10:48.40

High Jump: Dean (J), 4-6

Pole Vault: Gray (J), 7-0

Long jump: Dean (J), 14-7

Triple Jump: Sear (J), 33-8 1/4

Shot Put: Madej (A), 25-2 1/2

Discus: Madej (A), 79-11

B-P sweeps Hudson Falls

HUDSON FALLS — The Broadalbin-Perth boys and girls posted Foothills Council wins at Hudson Falls.

The boys won 15 of 17 events on their way to a 127-14 victory over the Tigers, while the B-P girls posted a 78-62 victory.

In the boys meet, Jacob Bunker won the 110-meter hurdles, 400-meter hurdles and the long jump for the Patriots.

Jeff Derwin (shot put, discus) and Jeff Shlomovich (pole vault, triple jump) each won two events for B-P, while James Mosher (3,200), Troy Monroe (high jump), Joe Vitalis (1,600), Dylan Sweet (800) and Ivan Roberts (200) also posted victories.

Broadalbin-Perth also won the 400, 1,600 and 3,200 relays.

Kazashi McLaughlin (400) and Jaylen Pritchett (100) notched wins for Hudson Falls.

In the girls meet, Rose Barnhart won the 800, 1,500 and 3,000 meters for the Lady Patriots.

Tesa Brody (400), Jordyn DeNeuville (400 hurdles) and Hailey Parrotti (triple jump) also posted event wins for B-P.

Broadalbin-Perth also won the 400, 1,600 and 3,200 relays.

Broadalbin-Perth’s Victoria Laurange and Hudson Falls’ Trinity Cote tied for first in the high jump with a height of 4-4.

Cote also tied for first in the long jump with Hudson Falls’ Abby Swartz with a leap of 14-6 and in the pole vault with Broadalbin-Perth’s Madison Fariello after both cleared 7 feet.

Karlee Strong (shot put, discus) and Ashleigh Lacy (100, 200) each won two events for Hudson Falls, while Kayleigh Lacy won the 100 hurdles.


Broadalbin-Perth 127, Hudson Falls 14

100: Pritchett (HF), 11.5

200: Roberts (B-P), 24.30

400: McLaughlin (HF), 55.00

800: Sweet (B-P), 2:17.80

1,600: Vitalis (B-P), 5:07.70

3,200: Mosher (B-P), 11:17.10

110 Hurdles: Bunker (B-P), 18.30

400 Hurdles: Bunker (B-P), 1:06.40

400 Relay: Broadalbin-Perth (Taylor, Bunker, Johnson, Roberts), 45.30

1,600 Relay: Broadalbin-Perth (Vitalis, Johnson, Sweet, Jennings), 3:53.30

3,200 Relay: Broadalbin-Perth (Vitalis, Sweet, Shannon, Jennings), 9:42.20

High Jump: Monroe (B-P), 5-2)

Pole Vault: Shlomovich (B-P), 9-0

Long Jump: Bunker (B-P), 17-9

Triple Jump: Shlomovich (B-P), 35-8

Shot Put: Derwin (B-P), 52-2 1/2

Discus: Derwin (B-P), 144-4


Broadalbin-Perth 78, Hudson Falls 62

100: A. Lacy (HF), 12.90

200: A. Lacy (HF), 27.60

400: Brody (B-P), 1:07.90

800: Barnhart (B-P), 3:16.50

1,500: Barnhart (B-P), 6:15.20

3,000: Barnhart (B-P), 13:14.60

100 Hurdles: K. Lacy (HF), 17.00

400 Hurdles: DeNeuville (B-P), 1:16.50

400 Relay: Broadalbin-Perth (Laurange, Parrotti, Brody, Fraser), 53.70

1,600 Relay: Broadalbin-Perth (DeNeuville, Sowle, O’Connor, Brody), 4:45.50

3,200 Relay: Broadalbin-Perth (Barnhart, DeNeuville, Sowle, Brody), 11:24.20

High Jump: Laurange (B-P), 4-4; Cote (HF), 4-4

Pole Vault: Fariello (B-P), 7-0; Cote (HF), 7-0

Long Jump: Cote (HF), 14-6; Swartz (HF), 14-6

Triple Jump: Parrotti (B-P), 31-8 1/2

Shot Put: Strong (HF), 36-3

Discus: Strong (HF), 85-1


Canajoharie boys, girls sweep meet

CANAJOHARIE — The Canajoharie boys and girls picked up wins over Mayfield-Northville and Middleburgh during a Western Athletic Conference meet at Canajoharie High School.

In the boys meet, Canajoharie topped Mayfield-Northville 110-31 and Middleburgh 123-18. Mayfield-Northville earned a split with a 75-47 victory over Middleburgh.

Mike Hartlieb (shot put, discus), Kevin Mazzarella (100, 200), Andrew Towse (110 hurdles, 400 hurdles) and Andrew Yacobucci (high jump, 800) all won two events for Canajoharie.

Logan Arduini (400), Joey Nare (long jump) and Andrew Ferguson (triple jump) also won events for the Cougars.

Canajoharie also won the 400, 1600 and 3,200 relays.

Josh Febbie won the 1,600 and 3,200 meters for Mayfield-Northville, while Harrison Harper won the pole vault.

In the girls meet, Canajoharie topped Mayfield-Northville 97-44 and Middleburgh 93-47. Middleburgh earned a split with a 75-61 victory over Mayfield-Northville.

Emily Mayer (100 hurdles, 400 hurdles), Sierra Hill (shot put, discus) and Jordan Porter (400, 800) all won two events for Canajoharie. Taya Yacobucci won the triple jump for the Lady Cougars, while Abigail Smith won the pole vault.

Canajoharie also won the 1,600 and 3,200 relays.

Madison Relyea won the 1,500 and 3,000 meters for Mayfield-Northville, while Isabelle Henderson won the 100 meters and MiKayla Myers won the high jump.

Mayfield-Northville also won the 400 relay.

Rebecca Bruno won the 200 meters for Middleburgh.

Mayfield-Northville is scheduled to host Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons on Thursday, while Canajoharie is slated to host Bishop Maginn on Thursday.

Both meets are slated to begin at 4:15 p.m.


Canajoharie 110, Mayfield-Northville 31

Canajoharie 123, Middleburgh 18

Mayfield-Northville 75, Middleburgh 47

100: Mazzarella (CAN), 12.1

200: Mazzarella (CAN), 24.2

400: Arduini (CAN), 56.0

800: Yacobucci (CAN), 2:14.4

1,600: Febbie (M-N), 5:19.6

3,200: Febbie (M-N), 11:58.2

110 Hurdles: Towse (CAN), 17.0

400 Hurdles: Towse (CAN), 1:04.0

400 Relay: Canajoharie (Mazzarella, Vasquez, Rorah, Sunderland), 50.6

1,600 Relay: Canajoharie (Arduini, Mazzarella, Congdon, Yacobucci), 3:46.8

3,200 Relay: Canajoharie (Arduini, Sullivan, Congdon, Yacobucci), 9:08.0

Long Jump: Nare (CAN), 16-6

Triple Jump: Ferguson (CAN), 33-8 1/2

High Jump: Yacobucci (CAN), 6?-0

Pole Vault: Harper (M-N), 9-0

Shot Put: Hartlieb (CAN), 43-11

Discus: Hartlieb (CAN), 142-2 1/2


Canajoharie 97, Middleburgh 44

Canajoharie 93, Mayfield-Northville 47

Middleburgh 75, Mayfield-Northville 61

100: Henderson (M-N), 14.4

200: Bruno (MID), 28.7

400: Porter (CAN), 1:03.0

800: Porter (CAN), 2:50.6

1,500: Relyea (M-N), 5:27.9

3,000: Relyea (M-N), 12:06.9

100 Hurdles: Mayer (CAN), 18.5

400 Hurdles: Mayer (CAN), 1:18.2

400 Relay: Mayfield-Northville (Deal, Henderson, Kent, Knecht), 59.4

1,600 Relay: Canajoharie (Yacobucci, Weingart, Mayer, Porter), 4:42.4

3,200 Relay: Canajoharie (Weingart, Elliot, Welch, Porter), 11:38.0

Long Jump: Meyers (M-N), 13-6 1/2

Triple Jump: Yacobucci (CAN), 27-6 1.2

High Jump: Myers (M-N), 4-4

Pole Vault: Smith (CAN), 8-0

Shot Put: Hill (CAN), 29-9

Discus: Hill (CAN), 77-11

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Tentoonstelling ‘Een Betere Stad. Amsterdam en het Algemeen Uitbreidingsplan. 1935, 1958, 2006, 2017.’ Over het AUP, dat ontw…

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Those planning on celebrating King’s Day in the Netherlands on 27 April should prepare to face cool, wet conditions when they take to the streets.

Formerly known as Queen’s Day, Dutch cities now celebrate this holiday honoring King Willem-Alexander by hosting all-day street parties.

Known for its outdoor bars, street markets and concerts, Amsterdam is the most popular King’s Day destination.

Unfortunately, little warmth and sunshine are expected this week across the Netherlands, including when festivities begin on Wednesday night.

On Koningsnacht – the night before King’s Day – a couple of showers are expected, and warm clothes will be a necessity as temperatures bottom out near 3 C (36 F) towards dawn.

Kings Day

Showers on Wednesday night will be most numerous along the coast but spotty and mainly limited to the evening hours inland.

The weather pattern is not expected to vary through the end of the week.

“Thursday will remain cool and damp across the Netherlands as well,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Rathbun.

Thursday will not be a washout for outdoor events, but showers will dampen parts of the day.

This will be the case throughout the Netherlands, whether partygoers are attending concerts outside Amsterdam, music shows in The Hague or the nation’s largest flea market in Utrecht.

Festival goers across the eastern Netherlands, however, may have to prepare for a move indoors for a time as a few of the showers may produce thunder and lightning.

In addition to wearing waterproof shoes and carrying an umbrella, festival attendees should dress warmly.


Interactive Netherlands Weather Radar

Detailed forecast for Amsterdam, Netherlands

2 years later: Thousands of Nepal earthquake victims remain homeless, vulnerable to flooding

When Amsterdam’s city-wide street market opens at 6 a.m. CEST on Thursday, temperatures will be a chilly 4 C (39 F).

The air will be slow to warm, reaching only 6 C (43 F) by 9 a.m., when most cafes and terraces open for the day.

Afternoon temperatures will be held below the seasonal average of 12 C (54 F) on Thursday, reaching just 9 C (49 F).

“It will not be as breezy as compared to earlier in the week,” said Rathbun.

Although reports that organized activities will end at 8:00 p.m. local time, they also note that “The King’s party then continues inside all the pubs and clubs deep into the night.”

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