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Amsterdam Dance Event

15/16/17/18/19 Oct 2014

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Amy Kilpin Challenge Almere

A-Race. We all know what that means. The BIG one, the one that counts.

When I found out I had qualified to compete for GBR at the European Long Distance Championships, it was an amazing feeling. I didn’t even realise it was possible at the time. As the year progressed, I soon discovered that many people get this opportunity and there is a divided opinion about whether it is considered an achievement or not, but whatever, I don’t care, I’ll take that opportunity and bank it as a pretty unique experience.


I guess I got a bit excited signing up for races this year, and putting 100% into all of them has seen me get some decent results (for me), so my A-Race had almost shrunk in terms of significance. In fact, to the point which it didn’t really feel like it was my A-Race anymore… and that’s not necessarily a good thing!

It was kind of weird. Last year, my whole life revolved around Ironman. It was all I talked about, all I thought about, all I dreamed about, and was the centre of my universe. This year, this iron distance race was almost “just another race”.

After Budapest 70.3 only three weeks before, my training mainly consisted of ‘ticking over’, keeping things moving with a little intensity and not much endurance stuff (guess that’s all in the bank by this point!), and the week before the race I was away on a little excursion around the UK for a semi-holiday, so I certainly felt relaxed about the whole thing! To the point, in fact, of feeling rather lazy and unfit.

This is normal though right? Every taper makes me feel like this. I was plagued by people on Twitter declaring how “great” they felt during their taper, and I was sat there feeling sluggish, tired and even when I did train, I didn’t feel particularly good. Not bad either, just mediocre. Uh oh, this could be a case of end of season burnout. I might just struggle with this long distance malarkey, I’m not really feeling ready for it….

After speaking to a friend before the big day, he messaged me saying I was “flat”. Yep, that pretty much summed it up. I wasn’t nervous, I wasn’t excited. I was just nothing. This was weird for me as I usually experience one or the other before a race. I wasn’t even that interested in talking about the race, I was enjoying distractions in the countryside! I did have a fleeting moment of unsureness and emailed my coach expressing it, but after reassuring me that it was normal and I had done a ton of training, I let go of that and went back to being flat.

I was staying right out of the way in a rural forest 30 minutes from the race venue so it was great not to be caught up in all the pre-race hype and swapping notes with other athletes – something I always try to avoid. The day before was the usual pre-race prep and always takes longer than desired, but I felt strangely calm going through all the processed of registering, briefing and racking. Time to carb load then.
Race day dawned at 4am and after the usual necessities, it was off to the start. There was an unusually short turnaround time between transition opening (6am) and race start (7am) so it was all about efficiency and less about faffing! Again, I felt strangely calm. This was NOT normal for me  Maybe because I have done so much racing this year? Who knows, but I liked it.

We entered the water and despite the mass of athletes congregating near the water entry point, I swam right over to the far right hand side (ready for a direct line to the first right hand buoy turn). It was a strategy I had. The first buoy turn was right, then for the rest of the course, they were left hand turns. This meant either keep wide on the first turn and get mashed up on the following buoys (or try to cross over to the right, which would be challenging at best), or get mashed up on the first buoy and have a clear wide run for the rest. I opted for the latter.
Most athletes were gunning for a diagonal (and longer) route to the first buoy so my far-right position was looking great. The canon was fired, we were off.

This was, unequivocally, the smoothest race swim I have ever had. My strategic positioning was genius! I had a nice clear smooth run to the first buoy and because of my proximity and direct line, it was smooth around the first buoy. Then I had a nice clear position on the outer edge of the pack to get into a rhythm. I very quickly realised I was swimming neck and neck pace with another female so quickly decided to drop onto her feet to save myself the energy. And relax. I sat on her feet for the entire first 1.9k lap, relaxed, smooth, easy swimming.
After the first lap, she started to tire so I looked for someone else’s feet to draft on. I found a guy who had an awful kick and a weaving swim so after some time struggling on his feet, I looked around for a smoother swimmer! I finished the swim drafting on a few other people but maintaining my relaxed, steady pace, exiting the water in 1:05. Not too shabby!

Transition was a long run into a basement to change before an even longer run out of transition and onto the bike.

Flat course is gonna be easy, right? Wrong. I was out on the first part of the course realising quickly that the series of turns and narrow sections on bike paths wasn’t going to result in the fastest bike split. However, I was averaging a nice steady pace of 31kph so my plan was to maintain this. Easier said than done. After around 20k, we hit a stretch of coastal road which ran right next to the sea for 35k, and an absolutely brutal headwind. My time was dropping. Head down, pedal on.

I was struggling to keep my heart rate low but I knew if I dropped off, my times would be compromised massively. Ok, just risk it then. I was getting plenty of nutrition and hydration on board without feeling any negative effects, which was great. After what felt like a very long time, we dropped out of the headwind and into a tailwind. Yep, this is more like it!

Cruising along blissfully, I was making good time. After endless featureless flat fields and about a million wind turbines, we were back at the start and commencing the second loop. A few cheers from my family and boyfriend spurred me on, but underneath my strong façade I was starting to weaken. I knew my endurance on the bike was a weak point for me, and only now was it really starting to show as I got overtaken. Again. And again. And again.

On hitting the second loop of 35k headwind, I hit a really low point. Just keep going, I can do this. It was no good, my feather-like positive thoughts were completely obliterated by the wind and got blown away into the nothingness. I struggled to keep pedalling, I was struggling to stay aero as my back was aching.

This is when a few tears came out, something that has never happened to me during a race. Where was the flatness? I preferred that. I was struggling to breathe as my chest tightened and the emotions took hold. I allowed it, embraced it, for a few minutes, and then decided it was making things harder and that I just needed to keep going.

Damn it was tough. Really, really tough, but after quite some time, as I rounded that corner and the tailwind pushed me along, I felt better. The last 30km of the bike was still really hard as everything ached, and all I could think was that even when this pain was over, I still have to run a marathon. Oh dear god.

My times had slipped and I got off the bike at 6:28. Slower than I had hoped for but a whole hour faster than my last iron distance bike split, I can live with that.

After a quick transition (well it felt quick anyway), I was running. Wow. This felt AMAZING. Is that even possible? I was so relieved to be running, to be off that bike, and I felt super strong, relaxed, and in absolutely great form. Phew. I could do this.

My first lap (of six) was immense, I cruised along at sub 5:20 min/km aiming to hold that pace. I started taking in gels every 25 minutes (as instructed by my nutritionist fit naturally). Usually, I can’t take them this regularly due to stomach discomfort, which is never considerable, but enough to make me wait longer until it has settled a bit. This time, I was smashing them back, water at every single aid station, and I was feeling epic.

The second lap was much the same, but around halfway my pace started dropping a little. Ok, I can hold it here, that’s fine. The third lap was a struggle. I realised at the end of this lap that I was only half way and I was starting to feel the pain. On the fourth lap, I hit a dark place again. Even at the end of this lap, with the realisation that I still had two more 7k loops to go, I was despairing quite a bit and the tears threatened to rise again. My face was screwed up as the pain seeped into every corner of my body. My knees ached so much that I thought I may have to walk, maybe not even finish. My pace had slipped badly to 6:30 min/km.

My mini support crew shouted at me, cheered me, told me to make them proud. I powered on.

My fifth lap improved somewhat as I knew that with every step I was getting closer to that finish line. As I hit the crowd ready to take on my last lap, I was feeling amazing again. I had that euphoria back from my very first lap, and suddenly, I didn’t really notice the pain anymore. I smiled and engaged with all the supporters, and my pace was held at sub 6 min/km for the whole last loop. That’s better. I cruised across to a comfortable sprint finish with a 4:06 marathon time and a total of 11:48. Sub-12, in the bag. Brilliant.

I was third in my age group (hello bronze medal) but only three people were represented in my age group at the European Champs! (The open race was running in parallel). I was reassured by the fact that I was only 9 minutes off second place and only 29 minutes behind first place, so this was not a bad achievement. I was 18th female overall and was top 10 in the 25-39 category (they bunched three categories together for the open race). My swim time was only 4 minutes off the elite women. And I achieved sub-12. I was happy. Very happy with my A-Race, and a far cry from my “just need to finish it” Ironman last year.

I realised a few things on completing an iron distance race for the second time. I experienced every single emotion imaginable during that race and I hit low places that I have never been to before. I also felt euphoria and anger, and all of this came after a period of flatness. It really is an exploration into the self. My lows were non-coincidentally coincided with negative thoughts. This really is a mental game, and psychology plays such a strong part in performance.

But you know what? It was worth it. Every single bit of pain, tears, doubt and the vast loneliness of nothingness. Sharing this experience with my amazing parents and boyfriend who supported me all day long was incredible. This is what actually made the experience really special, other people’s belief in me when mine was temporarily absent. So thank you, to all of you.

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Two die at Amsterdam Dance Event

Monday 20 October 2014

Two people who attended the Amsterdam Dance Event have died, presumably as a result of drug use, local broadcaster AT5 reports.

A 21 year old man who was taken ill on Saturday night at the Westergasfabriek died in hospital in the early hours of Sunday. Earlier a 33 year-old Serbian man collapsed outside Club Lite on Jan van Gaalenstraat. Both are thought to have taken drugs.

The Amsterdam Dance Event, which ended on Sunday, comprised some 300 events taking place at 85 clubs throughout the city.

Amsterdam city council told RTL news it deplored the deaths. It also said Amsterdam Dance Event is subject to strict regulations concerning drug use and the presence of first aid staff. Both cases will be investigated by the public prosecutor.




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Zaterdag 25 oktober organiseert Media Markt event-manager Ron van der Veen (DJ Ronny V) twee “in-store” events waarin jonge talenten de kans krijgen zich te presenteren voor het winkelende publiek. Om 12:30 uur bijten de 19 jarige zangeres Laura Fischer en de 17 jarige Mitchel de Rooy (DJ MitchL) het spits af. Als voorproefje op hun eerste samenwerking ‘s avonds op het grootste indoor dance event van Flevoland in Dronten; ”Flevodanceland”, zal DJ MitchL een demo-set draaien waarin zijn house-tracks naadloos over gaan naar de pop-piano klanken waarop Laura haar zangkunsten ten gehore zal brengen. Laura Fischer stond al op jeugdige leeftijd in de musicals “Ciske de Rat” en “Annie” en op 17 jarige leeftijd bereikte ze de finale van de landelijke mega talentenjacht en televisiekraker “Holland’s got Talent” waarin zij uiteindelijk knap tweede werd. DJ MitchL won het afgelopen jaar op 16 jarige leeftijd overtuigend de Backstage/MediaMarkt/Pioneer DJ contest en werd winnaar van de Riverland-Festival DJ contest wat hem een plek opleverde in de line-up van dit grootse Festival naast o.a. Dyna en La Fuente. Naast dit unieke optreden in Media Markt Almere is ook het Flevodanceland promo-team aanwezig met 2 x 2 GRATIS entreekaarten voor dit dance-event.

Na deze talenten is het de beurt aan “local-hero” Dewinos ( friends!) om zijn DJ skills te tonen aan het winkelende publiek als voorproefje op zijn eigen concept “Wild Night – Red Cup Party” in Club Cell op 7 nov. 2014 met o.a. “Girls love DJ’s”. Als je tijdens het winkelen je best doet maak je kans om 1 van 10 red cups te vinden met daarin GRATIS entreekaarten voor dit event in 1 van de mooiste clubs van Nederland, Club Cell, Almere.

Media Markt Event-manager Ron van der Veen; “Als mediapartner van Club Cell en Flevodanceland willen wij jong talent en leuke initiatieven in Almere en de regio graag ondersteunen en de aandacht geven die zij verdienen. Door op verschillende gebieden samen te werken hopen wij deze jonge mensen te stimuleren en bij te dragen aan de naamsbekendheid en successen van hun initiatieven, zo integreren wij bijvoorbeeld de nationale kampioenschappen “FIFA 15″ in een club-event in Club Cell waar we verschillende talenten, op verschillende gebieden, samen brengen om tot grootse daden te komen. Loop zaterdag gerust even onze winkel binnen en neem een kijkje bij het Pioneer DJ eiland waar deze Almeerse talenten hun kunsten vrijblijvend vertonen”.

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Mumbai, Sep 12 (IANS) Imagine internationally acclaimed choreographer Matthew Bourne’s “3D Ballet Swan Lake” or choreographer Christopher Wheeldon’s “Cinderella” happening right before your eyes or watching Freddie Mercury performing.

Thanks to PVR’s latest initiative PVR Live, this has actually became a reality.

With the idea of bringing live entertainment, PVR Live has succeeded in creating “Event Cinema”, which will allow enthusiasts to enjoy rare treats like live performances of stand-up comedians, plays, as well as recorded events like concerts and ballet performances on the large screen.

Dharmesh Datta, Vice President, Head Alternate Content, PVR Limited, said: “The revolutionary endeavour aims at providing holistic entertainment to our viewers.”

“Through the use of cutting edge technology and ground-breaking formats, we are hoping to engage audiences with specially recreated versions of some of the hugely popular productions from around the globe.”

“Hungarian Rhapsody: Queen- Live in Budapest” set the ball rolling with a screening on Friday. The two-part documentary film offered a rare glimpse of the iconic rock band Queen and is centred around their 1986 Budapest Stadium concert which was captured by Hungary’s state Film Corporation using 17 cameras.

The narration uses interviews with the four soft spoken band members as they talk openly about their work on a variety of projects. The film gives a terrific feel of how the team approached their work; from song writing to recording, to performing live and their larger-than-life music.

Their combined intensity still sends chills down the spine and it is fascinating to see that Mercury engaged as seductively with an interviewer as he did with a stadium full of fans.

“The concert film was supposed to be screened on Sep 5 on Freddie Mercury’s birthday, but unfortunately, due to the recent censor-department fiasco our entire project was delayed by a week,” said Datta.

There is something for everyone.

While the family audience can look forward to the “3D Ballet Swan Lake” and “Cinderella – Dutch National Ballet”, music lovers too are in for a treat. Two, never-before-screened concert films of two of the most popular music bands of their times – Queen and One Direction – will be shown as well.

The One Direction concert will be screened on Oct 11-12 and will be witnessed simultaneously on over 3,000 screens in 70 countries. Apart from this, there will be 10,000 screenings for one very special weekend.

The new platform will have live performances like “The Royal Turds”, a spoof on Bollywood Awards Show by AIB (All India Backchod) and “Pretentious Nights” by stand-up comedians Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath who will bring their reviewing skills to focus on all the shenanigans of the Indian film industry.

But before taking the cinematic experience to viewers across the nation, the organisers would like to ensure things are in place.

Datta clarifies, “Since we are testing the waters and the performers are not well versed with the technicalities involved, the live performance shows on Sep 18 and Sep 25 will only be in Mumbai. It’s only after a few test rounds that we would be in a position to relay it all India.”

With a spurt in multiplexes and the plethora of talent that the country has to offer, Event Cinema gives audiences the opportunity to watch a fantastic range of cultural content on the big screen and could be the beginning of a new trend.

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De dancescene hoort bij de grootstedelijke cultuur. Wees er dan niet zo streng met het drugsbeleid, vinden nachtburgemeester Mirik Milan en criminoloog Ton Nabben.

Amsterdam is dezer dagen het centrum van de dancescene. Deze sector heeft zich in 25 jaar ontwikkeld van een undergroundexperiment tot een gigantische industrie. Het Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) biedt een podium aan de laatste trends en innovaties op het gebied van dance. Van ‘duurzame’ festivalplanning, zonder plastic, tot 4D geluid. Alles in een setting met veel, heel veel feest, tot diep in de nacht.

Het festival biedt Amsterdam de kans zich van z’n beste kant te laten zien. De kant die Nederland en zijn hoofdstad wereldwijd beroemd heeft gemaakt: als voorhoede van vrijheid in plaats van als boeman die feestgangers probeert te criminaliseren.

Wij dagen de burgemeesters van Nederland daarom uit zich, in lijn met de geest van het ADE, uit te spreken voor een minder streng drugsbeleid, waarbij de gezondheid van bezoekers centraal staat. Streng beleid helpt immers niet om drugsgebruik op feesten terug te dringen. Internationaal onderzoek laat zien dat strikte handhaving en harde bestraffing bij dance events nauwelijks invloed hebben op de mate van gebruik.

Lees het volledige artikel in het betaald archief (vrij toegankelijk voor abonnees)

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Celebrating art of film, dance and music

Mariam Nihal
Saudi Gazette


October belongs to Amsterdam. Amsterdam Dance Festival features 300 events and 2000 DJs during 15th to 19th October. Over 300,000 people attend the conferences and events held across 80 venues, making Amsterdam one of the most buzzing and inspiring cities in the world.


During the conferences experts discussed the relationship between music and technology, along with ecologically responsible practices for the global dance music industry. ADE Playground is spread across the city and includes film screenings, music hardware presentations, fashion offers, talk shows, pop-up musical performances at 25 creative hotspots around the city at art galleries, shops, cinemas and even roof-top terraces. The program is a favorite among artists, filmmakers, international students, actors, promoters, music producers, media representatives and many more from all across the globe.


ADE conferences are divided into seven themed programs, including programming for business professionals, start-ups, aspiring producers and musicians, international students, VJs, visual artists and stage designers. The programs also focus on in-depth expertise into the harder music genres.

Main Attractions

Foam, Photography Museum Amsterdam, exhibited Shadows, Patterns, Pears by the American artist Daniel Gordon during ADE. Gordon also won the Foam Paul Huf Award 2014.
The exhibition featured a selection of colorful portraits and photographs.

They also showcased ‘Under Construction – New Positions in American Photography’, a group exhibition featuring the work of nine young American and Canadian artists including Owen Kydd, Matt Lipps, Sara VanDerBeek, Matthew Porter, Joshua Citarella, Jessica Eaton, Daniel Gordon, Lucas Blalock and Kate Steciw.

I Dream Of Wires an independent documentary about the history, the modular synthesizer was also screened during the event. It featured interviews with over 100 modular musicians, inventors and enthusiasts. The documentary was released last year and became a hit with the underground electronic musicians and fans.

Celebrating their 10th year anniversary, international dance music record label, Cr2 Records is releasing Amsterdam Underground featuring 20 tracks and10 exclusives tomorrow.

Games and music engineering were celebrated throughout ADE. Premier of Kypski’s Wreck Fader came with a 3D music game, which is based on ‘turntablism’, in which the turntables are used as a musical instrument.  Other games including Spotter interactive dance machine, where you control sound and visuals by physical movement and Pillo Game play with a partner by ‘cuddling’ the pillow-controller were also seen throughout the festival.

Spinnin’ Records CEO and co-founder Eelko van Kooten spoke about their music label Spinnin’ Records, social media, growing markets like Asia and South America, radio and tips for producers wanting to do it right. Its 40 subsidiary labels have released tracks by Avicii, Afrojack, Chocolate Puma, Kaskade, Nicky Romero and more. Spinnin’ Records have also managed artists including Martin Garrix and Sander van Doorn.

Free Water for Everyone – the Business Plan Behind the Idea was debated  upon with festival organizers in a discussion panel. The discussion panel included Carlijn Lindemulder (IDT, NL) Head of Sustainability at IDT, Dede Flemming (Lightning in a Bottle, US) Founder Lightning in a Bottle and Maarten van Huijstee (Delight Agency, NL) Creative Director at Delight Agency.

The Mini Galerie hosted ‘Uncovered: The art of the album cover.’ The exhibition revealed original artworks by artists Boris Tellegen, Maya Hayuk, Jeroen Erosie, Graphic Surgery, Ekta, Merijn Hos and Rop van Mierlo that were previously used for cover designs of various dance records.

The Makings of You – Music and Movement Edition workshop with Kidspiration Club and Art Dance Expression.

Panel discussions with Nicky Romero, Martin Garrix and even Eelke Kleijn spoke about ‘How to Remix John Legend’ with his current hits and success.

ADE is the biggest international club festival covering the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres.

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The 2014 edition of the Amsterdam Marathon will be run on Sunday, October 19, and with the presence of both Mr. Amsterdam Wilson Chebet and two-time world champion Abel Kirui, this year’s race has the potential to be one of the best editions yet.

One of the flattest marathons in the world, Amsterdam is known for its fast course and beautiful historic setting. The weather has a tendency to have a big impact on the final result due to the marathon’s position on the racing calendar, adding an extra element of surprise to what is already one of Europe’s most prestigious races.

The course record was broken in 2012 and 2013, and defending champion Chebet will have his eyes on another triumph on Sunday.



Peter Dejong/Associated Press

The race will start and finish in Amsterdam’s Olympic Stadium, before the runners make their way east into the historical city centre. Via the Rijksmuseum, the race leads south through the Martin Luther Kingpark and the Amstelpark.

The runners will follow the same route back before turning further east toward the Flevopark, turning back west toward the Toronto Bridge over the Amstel River. Through the Vondelpark, the runners will turn south for the final straight and the finish in front of the grandstand in the Olympic Stadium.


Course Map

Peter Dejong/Associated Press

For a full course map, visit the event’s official website.


Times, Event Details

Here are full starting times for all of Sunday’s events:

Amsterdam Marathon Programme

Starting time (local)
Finish till (local)
Starting Location
TCS Amsterdam Marathon
9.30 a.m.
5 p.m.
Olympic Stadium
Mizuno Half Marathon
1.20 p.m.
5 p.m.
TCS 8 km
10.10 a.m.
11.20 a.m.
Skylanders Kids Run
10 a.m.
Olympic Stadium
Echo Mini Marathon
9.45 a.m.
Stadsdeel Zuid, Europaboulevard
Echo Mini Marathon
10.30 a.m.
Stadsdeel Oost, Galileiplantsoen
Echo Mini Marathon
10.50 a.m.
Stadsdeel Zuid, Rijksmuseum
Echo Mini Marathon
1 p.m.
Stadsdeel Zuid, Olympiaplein

Registration for the marathon and Mizuno half-marathon has closed, but it is still possible to register for the Skylanders Kids Run through the event’s official website.



Luca Bruno/Associated Press

After consecutive record-setting performances, it’s no wonder event organisers have started calling Chebet “Mr. Amsterdam.” The Kenyan isn’t the biggest name in the sport due to the fact he only runs a handful of marathons every year, but he has found much success in the Netherlands, winning his first ever in Rotterdam in 2011.

The 29-year-old recently sat down with event organisers to discuss his preparation for this year’s event:

Chebet will face stiff competition from two-time world champion Kirui, who won the silver medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Both men will be gunning for the course record of 2:05:36, and Kirui sounds ready for battle, via Daily Nation’s Ayumba Ayodi:

“I am planning to attack the course record hence let Chebet the Mr Amsterdam know that iko kazi kubwa sana (there is a big battle),” he said. “I pray to God that we finish well and in good times.

Meseret Hailu, Betelhem Mogen and Flomena Cheyech are the strong favourites for the Women’s title. Hailu holds the current course record of 2:21.09, but Cheyech has a tendency to win most marathons she enters, a point she illustrated with Commonwealth Games gold earlier this year.


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Lin Dan, Peter Gade, Taufik Hidayat and Lee Chong Wei are not only the four most influential badminton players of all time, they are also the masters of trick shots. But now it’s your turn to challenge those superstars. Show us your best badminton trick shot and you may win some prizes (Yonex equipment 1x Original signed (and framed) shirt of your favourite European player)!

How to Enter

Make an original badminton trick shot video max. 2 minutes or shorter in length. (1 trick shot per video). The badminton trick shot should involve at least one person, racket and shuttleccock(s), but BE CREATIVE, USE PROPS and THINK OUT OF THE BOX.

Submit the video via Dropbox or wetransfer. Just send the link to us (Manuel Rösler / that we can download your video. Deadline for entries is 5 December 2014 0900 GMT. Please note that a maximum of three video submissions are allowed per person.

To get started watch the following trailer:


Your video will be uploaded onto the BEC YouTube channel. Once your video has been uploaded, you will receive an email with your video links – spread the word!

The 25 best videos will be shortlisted on 10 December 2014 0900 GMT, and the winner will be chosen by 15 December 2014.

File size is limited to 1GB per upload, and video formats accepted are: AVI, MOV (QuickTime movie), DV, MPEG-1, MP4, WMA and WMV.

Do not upload your video directly on video streaming sites, whether on your own channel or other third party’s channel.

Terms Conditions:

Videos found uploaded to channels not by the BEC may be disqualified, depending on circumstances. Participants should upload original content, and not videos made by others. Each user can only send in a maximum of three videos.

BEC reserves the right not to upload videos that contains offensive material.

If you have any difficulties uploading the video on Dropbox or wetransfer, please contact Manuel Rösler at

Submitted videos will become the property of BEC who will fully own the rights to the videos. Videos cannot be posted to video streaming sites on the participant’s own channel or other 3rd party’s channel. Videos should be original and must not infringe on any third party rights.

The views presented in these videos are those of the contest submitters and do not necessarily reflect those of BEC. Mention of commercial enterprises, organizations, or other publications does not mean BEC endorses them.

By submitting your video, you agree to the above Terms Conditions.

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'Amsterdam Music Festival wordt belangrijkste evenement van ADE'Foto:  ANP

“Onze visie is dat ADE een geweldig evenement is, maar een key-event ontbeerde nog””, zegt Marthijn Graafland, general manager partners touring van dance-organisatie IDT, tegen

“Onze wens was om dat te realiseren. In Amsterdam is de grootste en meest vooraanstaande locatie de Arena, zodoende past dat daar goed bij.”

Het is de tweede editie van het evenement. “In de RAI vorig jaar waren er drie grote zalen en in de Arena is er één grote geweldige mainstage. Daarvoor trekken we echt alles uit de kast. Met deze line-up bied je mensen alles. Ik denk dat mensen niet eens de behoefte hebben om naar een andere zaal te gaan.”


Optredende acts op Amsterdam Music Festival zijn onder meer David Guetta, Armin van Buuren en de nummer 1 uit de DJ Mag Top 100, die aldaar bekend gemaakt wordt. IDT organiseert het dancefeest met een andere grote speler in de markt, Alda Events. “Met zijn tweeën heb je meer slagkracht”, aldus Graafland.

“Het is geen krachtpatserij, maar het is meer zo dat je elkaar versterkt”, legt hij uit. “IDT zou het ook alleen kunnen doen, maar de connectie en de taakverdeling is heel goed. De focus op dj’s, daar is Alda heel goed in en IDT wat organisatie betreft. Het versterkt elkaar echt.”


Graafland ziet de druk op de dancemarkt toenemen, vooral tijdens het festivalseizoen. “De zomer zit vol. Je hebt merken waar mensen voor de show komen, maar als je een nieuw evenement begint, is de line-up erg belangrijk. Veel mensen komen voor de beleving op de festivals waar ze al lang naartoe gaan.”

“Dat mist een nieuw evenement. Het eerste jaar draait het voor negentig procent om de line-up, na vijf jaar gaat het nog voor tien procent om de line-up en voor negentig procent omdat het vorig jaar zo geweldig was. Grote merken zijn minder afhankelijk van de line-up, het belangrijkste is de beleving.”

IDT heeft grootse ambities met Amsterdam Dance Event, aldus Graafland. “Over vijf jaar moeten mensen weten dat ze bij het Amsterdam Music Festival een geweldige show met een goede line-up krijgen, waar de nummer 1-dj van de wereld bekendgemaakt wordt en dat het goed geregeld is.”

Lees al het nieuws over ADE in ons dossier

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